When I learned to embrace the fact that there is an infinite amount of good in my world, it opened up my world in a whole new way.”

A little pink or a lot of pink goes a long, long way.(credit: Bob Manzano)
A little pink or a lot of pink goes a long, long way.
(credit: Bob Manzano)

Come get your Pink fix!   From MiniBooks to one of our smashing Soirees and Concierge Care Packages, the Pink Book of Goodness is designed to open up your world of immense possibility and remind you to slow down and savor the beauty and glorious already present in your life.



One of the pleasures of being a woman is knowing that you, in and of yourself, are a party.  We are also firm believers that life is a party to be meant to be enjoyed, shared and lived fully, in the utmost of abundance.  Sometimes, in the midst of everyday living, we forget to celebrate the beauty of the now and express gratitude for the gift of being.  Other times, the season calls for a bit of ta-da and fairy dust.

We have crafted our exclusive Pink Soirees by PBOG.  Chic, elegant, casually glam affairs that bring together the very best in elements in food, drink, art, exploration and lifestyle.  Occasionally themed, sometimes private, sometimes not, always fabulous. These underground affairs are in the vein of the social salons of old… built to entertain and celebrate the gift of being off line, connecting to other humans, being social.

To be added to my list, visit here.

Sometimes the party needs to come to you.  When you need a little extra TLC, desire an extra bit of self-love and celebration, visit here for a glimpse at our custom-crafted PBOG Concierge and Care Packages.  In each box, you’ll find treats to suit the occasion from locally sourced tea, cookies, decadent chocolates and sweet ink press cards to crafty duds, gorgeous yarn and all the tools that you need to make a project or a celebratory bottle of local bubbly, salty bites, journals and a massage to commemorate a special day.

Learn more about PBOG Concierge and Care Packages here.







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