Helping Hand. Charity. Do Gooder. Volunteer.  Give. Aide and Assist. Life Changer. Mission Maker.  Hope Builder. Action Taker.


If we look around, there are always ways to do good.  Sometimes small, sometimes large, but there is generally always a chance.  At times, it is as easy as picking up a piece of trash or simply holding the door for someone else to walk through.  Other times, it is buying a coffee for the girl in the corner cubicle that is having a really sucky day and performing some random act of anonymous kindness.  But if you simply were to drive down the street, you would notice that are there are times when the situation calls for a more collective action, a group effort to bring about change.  Here are some places that you can be the change.

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

Big Thought

The Bridge Network

Bryan’s House

Community Partners of Dallas

Dress for Success

Family Gateway

Family Place

Feed Our Strength


Juvenille Diabetes Research

KERA: Public Broadcasting Station

Make A Wish Foundation of North Texas

March of Dimes

North Texas Food Bank

Scottish Rite of North Texas

Our Children’s House

Paws In The City

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