It started as a joke.

AB (one of my besties – you’ll get to know her) and I were g-chatting about the day when the thought arose to create a guide for women about all the good stuff — be it food, fashion, arts, style, giving and living — but a curated list that made sense and spoke to our style.

You know one that is fun, easy, accessible and honest — a little bit glam, a little bit saucy, a lot a bit savvy, real world and a 100% cool.

I joked that wouldn’t it be fun to call it the Pink Book of Goodness, because I wanted a place to find the good stuff — the stuff that makes me smile that is inspirational, educational, encouraging and just plain fun with brownie points if its local in my city and because well, I really like pink, though in this picture, I am wearing red.

Your fearless guide, Teia Collier

As for me, I live in a caffeinated world that is bright and colorful.  I am a woman that adores my femininity, digs being a mama, a writer, a travel and culture enthusiast, lover of delicious eats, pretty things, history, a budding hedonist and a fan of great books.  I am an avid eater, baker, and cool thing connector and an overall generally positive person, unless, I’m having one of those days where I’m not.   Also since, I’m thinking about it, I have an affinity for fashion, glossy magazines, hot exotic chocolates, romance novels and DIY activities that sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

In my off-line world, I am an editor for a digital lifestyle magazine, auto and social lifestyle journalist and lifestyle management consultant that spends most days helping people to see the good in their day and making it easier.

Want me to try something, share with your personal faves or send me the news, invites on other pretty cool things, please reach out, you can email me at tmbcollier@gmail.com.

Cheers to the happiest of adventures,


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