Catching up with Life: Hurricanes, School and Growth

Beautiful things are happening.

Summer is rapidly pulling to a close and the rush of back-to-school is subsiding though we are still trying to get used to the schedule, the pace of daily activities and the interaction of new friends.  Mama is acclimating to new businesses and the launch of my partnership at Dallas Single Mom.  My sister is having a baby so there are lots of baby knits, sweet crochet duds that only make sense when the recipient is less than ten pounds.  It’s fantastic.

If you’ve been following on Instagram, Dallas has some gorgeous things happening between social season, fun launches, cool projects and family adventures.  It’s a great season.

Being in Texas and a former Houston resident, it is personally daunting and horrifying the devastation in South Texas, but that being said the Texas Spirit and the love of the world has stepped up and filled in the gaps from the wrath of Harvey.  Over at Dallas Single Mom, I penned a couple of articles about how you can help and what we need here now.

Jumping into Fall, I plan on eating, baking, making, sharing my favorite season with the peeps that matter in my life, hosting a couple of neat events and prepping for the Holidays.  I will be ramping up my self-care after a couple of bouts of the crud and sharing the journey as I go.

Cheers to living well, breathing easy and making miracles,


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