MUSINGS: Rainy Days and Enjoying the Season

I hear the grumbling.

I hear the complaints about the rain, the weather, the season and it baffles me.

I love the rain.

I love rain boots, boot socks and the sight of umbrellas passing on the sidewalk.  I love waking up to the sound of tiny drops dancing on the roof, and consider it a blessing to watch a lightening show and stare out at the green grass.

I challenge you to find the beauty in the season.  Notice the small details.  Take in the scents, the sounds and colors as the seasons change.

Enjoy the simple pleasures that force you to slow down in the day and see it for something fresh, new and alive.

Experience the power of Nature and Creation in action.

See the rain for the gift it is — a reminder that we are constantly protected, provided for and loved.

Happiest of adventures,


It takes a lot of rain to help the flowers bloom.Enjoy the season..png

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