Wonder Woman.

A female superhero.  It’s fantastic.

I have loved the story since I was a little girl read the comics between issues of Archie and watched old syndicated episodes of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman fighting the forces of evil after I Love Lucy in the mornings during my college internship in Wichita Falls.  It sparks good memories of fanciful places, golden lassos, super powers and hidden talents.  It is a reminder that smart, sexy, beautiful and superpowers all can exist in the same form.

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot 

This June, Warner Brothers brings to the screen the latest incarnation of Wonder Woman.  I’ve been waiting for this story for at least ten years, especially since the Marvel Superhero Universe rocks my world.

But the real question is why did it take so long? It is a story 75 years in the making.

Were we waiting for Gal Gadot, the leading lady of Wonder Woman?

Were we waiting for someone to believe in the story enough to bring it to the Silver Screen?

Or did it take this long because the our definition of what it means to be super is evolving?


I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to see the Amazonian princess brought to life.  I plan to be there opening night, around midnight with a glass of red, something chocolate and the biggest vat of popcorn that I can find.

Thus far, Warner Brothers has released a good handful of teaser videos, but my absolute favorite is the most recent with the Imagine Dragon’s Rise of the Warrior playing in the background.  It teases power, fun, beauty, strength, courage and that elusive element of every good superhero, belief in the good of humanity.

I can’t wait, and I hope to see you there.

Wonder Woman, the film. Opening June 2, 2017.



(Images courtesy of Wonder Woman Film FB and Site)

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