Pleasures: Catchy, Mellow Tunes to Enjoy

These days, I find myself in the car, behind a computer, cleaning the kitchen or walking through a park more often than not.  I play music or listen to an audio book to pass the time, allow my imagination, thoughts and soul to wander while go through the motions and rollercoaster of everyday life.

Each kid has their playlist.  They are regularly updated, but mine… mine vary by my mood, activity and thought sequence. Right now, I’m in a bluesy, old time country rhythm that is heavy on the guitar and strings, laced with catchy, smoky vocals and a melody that dances like bright butterflies in the wind.  I love the gravelly cadences that remind me of bluebonnet season, college football, barbecue, sweet tea and well worn boots.  My Texas skirt is showing and I love it.

Ironically, my playlist these days has very few actual Texans, but this list will be at home wherever you are looking for something easy, light, uplifting and perfect for these Spring days that drift into Summer. You’ll find classics by Alison Krauss and Union Station, The Wallin’ Jennys, Lifehouse, Kaleo and Maroon 5. You’ll also hear rockstar additions by Hillsong United, Texas, The First Aid Kit and The Lumineers. Expect just over 2 hours of sheer pleasure.

Introducing PBOG #1 via Spotify

View (here)

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