Monday Musings: Choose Kindness.

8590b10119516bb54493d47369c7ac79After reading posts on various outlets on social media and across the web, I find the need to give voice to one of my motherly mantras…. Choose Kindness.  If you have the choice, choose to be kind and grant the gift of courtesy and the mercy of grace.  It is too easy to slip into the rhythm of ugliness that is growing.  I don’t want that for our next generation, and I would bet good money that you don’t either.

We are the vehicles of change.  There is no need in getting discouraged and raging against the climate of today… when we can simply be the change and kick the first domino over.

No one is going to do it for us.

Good moves mountains…. and sometimes it is quiet and unassuming.

Light works, and it happens little by little.  Decision by decision.  Kind word by gentle word.  By choosing love over fear.

We’ve got this.. let’s solider on.

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