Hooks and Needles: The Crochet Project

IMG_0817_medium2If you’ve ever taken a glance at my Instagram feed, you could see the results of my love affair with crochet.  It is an art that I have always appreciated but learned to love while my Noah was in the NICU.   I learned mostly through trial and error with the help of you tube videos. Since that time, I developed a infatuation with crochet.

I adore the stitches, the texture, the camaraderie with fellow artists, the fun of discovering vintage style and the unique places that the craft makes an appearance.  I also find myself devouring the feeds of IG crochet artisans like Steel and Stitch, Raviliki, Merocrochet, Naturally Nora, The Velvet Acorn and the fabulous team behind The Crochet Project is very much a part of the crew.


One of the things that I love about The Crochet Project by long time pattern designers Kat Goldin and Joanne Scrace is that they desire to help people think differently about crochet. They also create gorgeous, modern, wearable pieces that use simple stitches and yield fabulous results.  I am an absolute fan of the art, their generosity and the beauty of their work.


Yesterday, they released the sweet Doris Shawl.  Think short rows, nice texture perfect for easy colorwork and simply luxurious yarns that make the crochet fun.  I think the lovely yarns I’ve been stalking from Twisted Owl will look lovely here.  I snagged this pattern as soon as I saw it.

Grab your copy on here.  Don’t miss the chance to stroll through their website and see all the gorgeous photography like these images from Kat Goldin.




Learn more about the Crochet Project at http://thecrochetproject.com


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