Pleasures: A dozen ways to have more fun this Spring

This is the season of flowers, sunshine, champagne, Easter eggs, roast Lamb and salads that bring the bounty of the season indoors.   This year, I have challenged myself to experience ten new pleasure inducing things each month.  So far it has been remarkably successful.  Adding small, non-essentials into the day bring light and adventure into the day.    Páscoa!.png

Here is a list of fun things that are on my list…. feel free to add them to yours.

  • Try a new warm beverage in the morning and pay for the drink of a random person.
  • Perform a random act of kindness.
  • Buy a bottle of local wine, a block of cheese and a loaf of fresh bread.  Enjoy.
  • Write and mail a letter to a family member.
  • Read a really good romance.
  • Practice active gratitude.
  • Swap out my sofa pillows and bed linens for something bright and pretty.
  • Have an impromptu catch-up session with a friend… just because.  It’s Spring and you have time (or are making time to enjoy their company.)
  • Enjoy a lunch walk.  Pack yourself a snack and enjoy a little of the fresh air.
  • Buy a bunch of flowers for no reason other than it is Spring.
  • Seek out a new way to prepare your favorite vegetable.
  • Splurge and get the Irish or French butter. Trust me, it’s delicious.
  • Visit your local historical society.  Pull up a chair and chat with the staff.  Learn a new story.
  • Explore your feminine-frilly side.  Indulge in a twirl ready dress, if desired.
  • Be a kid and dance in the rain.
  • Take a trip to your local Arboretum.  It’s glorious, controlled nature. Grab one of their calendars — I bet you’ll see ten activities that you want to try another time.

Cheers to a new season,



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