OPEN LETTER: Why I Decided to Partner with India Hicks Style

Dear Friends and Sisters in Good Taste,
I am absolutely delighted to become an AMBASSADOR for India Hicks!  It may seem nuts to add something else to the bloggy, mommy, coach, gal-about-town plate, given the adventure that is my life, but I’m absolutely stoked to be partnering alongside India Hicks.
India Hicks is a designer with royal roots.  Royal fans might remember her as one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids in dress worthy of 80s memorabilia. She’s also the daughter of David Hicks and inherited his crushworthy sense of style.  Despite her background, India is generous, authentic, hilarious, and smart. She has made her home on a tiny island in the Bahamas, and with her significant other, raised 5 children without the fanfare of the life she herself grew up in… while keeping her family and feet firmly planted in the sand.
She has built a company that encourages women to stand on their own two feet, and to build exclusive lifestyle businesses in their own time, on their own terms, in a manner that suits their families and creates something new for themselves.  She is entirely earnest in her desire to empower women, create an inspirational community, and she is fabulously committed to her mission to create and inspire a tribe of entrepreneurial women.
IH-Spring17_Komboloi (1).jpg
As you can probably tell, her message has resonated with me, so I’ve decided to jump on in and partner with her at India Hicks Style.  What I love is that the products are exceptionally crafted, luxurious in gorgeous leathers and creamy linens but still affordable and accessible.  She understands that not everyone is Prince Charles’ goddaughter, yet they still want and deserve beautiful, well-designed things.
I invite you to come and take a peek because the products have FAR exceeded my expectations. Remember, you won’t find these products in any store.
In the meantime, take a look at my India Hicks website:
Feel free to forward to anyone that may share your good taste…
New Independent Ambassador India Hicks
I have attached a curated shoppable link for this post.

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