CRAFT: Hooks and Needles: Winter Lace and Cozy Hats

The typical weather in Texas is fickle at best and down right ruthless at worst.  You can almost count on experiencing a couple of seasons in a week, unless it’s summer… then expect a consistent heat of over 100 degrees.  That being said, I have a love for all things yarny and woolly layers make my heart glad.

Gorgeous cables, eyelets and rippling waves are calling my name these days.  The latest patterns to find their way into my pattern library are a trio of the relatively seasonless pieces from Janina Kallio — The Starlight, Herald and Antarkis, a sweater by Naturally Nora Crochet and a couple of darling hats by TL Yarn Crafts and Two Brothers Blankets.


Winter Starlight by Janina Kallio (here)

I’d been pattern stalking Janina Kallio’s patterns since before I learned to knit. Gorgeous layers that are timeless, versatile knits that you want to make more than once.  I’m crushing on Starlight — the winter version. It’s everything I’m looking for right now, warm, cozy, lacey and pretty.  Janina makes hers in the absolutely smashing Woolfolk Får, a chainette worsted weight wool, that is smooth, light and luxurious.  I’m leaning to grabbing something yummy from my stash, but I’ve been yarn drooling over the Zodiac colors from MadTosh…. decisions, decisions…

Take a peek at the designs that are new to my library.  The links to purchase are below and follow on Instagram to see the progress. #KeepMeWarm #Bloom


The Lise Sweater by Naturally Nora Crochet 

The Cypress Beanie by TL Yarn Crafts


Happy crafting.


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