Around the Web: Can the Women’s Marches around the World amount to effective change? via CBS-DFW

Follow CBSDFW.COM: Facebook | Twitter DENVER (AP) — Deb Szeman, a self-described “homebody,” had never participated in a demonstration before hopping on an overnight bus from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend the women’s march on Washington. She returned on another bus that pulled in at 4 a.m. Sunday, full of people buzzing about what might…

via After Women’s Marches, Can Numbers Translate To Real Change? — CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

3 thoughts on “Around the Web: Can the Women’s Marches around the World amount to effective change? via CBS-DFW

  1. Thanks very much for posting this Teia,

    I’m a guy who predicts women are the best answer to save civilization. If you can indulge me, following is admittedly long email dialogue I’ve been having that shows (near the bottom) why the greatest likely successes for civilization will be via women. (Note “Woman’s Advocate’s” statement, and mine, near the end.) Or do you think I should create a WordPress thread for this? Sorry for the length, and it’s okay with me if you do not approve this, but I think it’s a productive conversation:

    The President’s speech did suggest protecting the United States with at least some mostly metaphorical, isolationist walls and barriers. Below are some excerpted observations, predictions and facts (remember facts?), by a Nobel Laureate economist.

    “Things Can Only Get Worse” by Paul Krugman JAN. 23, 2017 in The New York Times

    Trumpist budget deficits will probably widen the trade deficit, so that manufacturing employment in particular is likely to fall, not rise.

    A second front on which things will almost surely get worse is health care. Obamacare caused the percentage of Americans without insurance to fall sharply, to the lowest level ever. Repeal would send the numbers right back up ¬ 18 million newly uninsured in just the first year, eventually rising to more than 30 million, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates. And no, Republicans who have spent seven years failing to come up with a real replacement won’t develop one in the next few weeks, or ever.

    The Trump vision of an urban America ravaged by “the crime and the gangs and the drugs” is a dystopian fantasy: Violent crime is, in fact, way down despite highly publicized recent murder increases in a few cities.

    So how will Mr. Trump handle the bad news of rising unemployment, plunging health coverage, and little if any crime reduction? That’s obvious: He’ll deny reality, the way he always does when it threatens his narcissism. But will his supporters go along with his fantasy? Two-thirds of Trump voters believe, falsely, that the unemployment rate rose under Obama. (Three-quarters believe George Soros is paying people to protest Mr. Trump.) Only 17 percent of self-identified Republicans are aware that the number of uninsured is at a historic low.

    How do you think the man who compared the C.I.A. to Nazis will react when the Bureau of Labor Statistics first reports a significant uptick in unemployment or decline in manufacturing jobs? What’s he going to do when the Centers for Disease Control and the Census Bureau report spiking numbers of uninsured Americans?

    Those are some of Dr. Krugman’s current appraisals. At this point, yours truly also predicts the hot-headed/thin-skinned/commonly irrational mentality of Donald Trump will inevitably take numerous reality-denying and foolish Presidential actions. Forecasting some specific actions and outcomes will be more practicable when we see what Mr. Trump actually does, on account of his frequently self-contradictory statements and course-shifts. However, at least he does have a pragmatic side, as President Obama commented, and that’s good. But will he do plenty of stupid things? Assuredly. But even then, God will protect us, right?

    [From “A Trumpeter”]
    Nice try!
    While Dr. Krugman makes some narrow predictions with little objectivity and leaves little or no room for the possible success of different potential strategies by our new administration, the least thoughtful part of your message was choosing a Nobel Laureate to enforce it.
    We all painfully remember former President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, just months before he embarked on an eight year orgy of bombing marginally the military, but primarily the civilians of seven ME countries, all of which held a Muslim majority population. We and Europe are now paying the butcher’s bill for the misguided indulgence many of us offered him. The Russians have shown us how to do the job in a humane and responsible manner and we should attempt to learn from their success.
    Please see:

    Our recent election was not only a repudiation of Obama’s failed, chaos-based Foreign Policy; but further, a realization that the once honorable Nobel Prize has degenerated to represent little-more-than a convenient propaganda tool, in the hands of some less-than honorable world politicians.
    Please keep your messages coming.
    I still enjoy your stuff.

    Krugman shilled for the crooked hillary version of the deep state, and provides academic propaganda for neocons and their neoliberal enablers. nobel prize committee is similarly biased, for example gave prince of peace award to obama who promptly waged wars in eight countries, dropping over 2800 bombs and murdering untold thousands of innocent people, etc. hear obama on god at (same for virtually all the rest since ronnie). how else do hellfire missiles he orders rain down regularly on wedding parties in africa and the middle east?

    zane your fusssing for no reason cause trump sits god on our side

    [“Different Don”]
    When I worked in the entertainment insurance biz about 10 years ago, “The Apprentice” was one of my insured clients (Donald Trump Productions LLC). Though I didn’t get approval to go to NYC for any of my work, had I gone there I would have likely met Mr. Trump if, for anything else, we have the same first name and had at the time the insurable interests.

    From now on, I’m known as Don…..lest I become guilty merely by the name association.

    Two Don’s make it right, but one Donald can make it terribly wrong.

    “Alternate Facts” will take care of all of these problems for Trump.

    trumpeter didnt cross krugmans facts and yelped on like a redneck

    [“Door Prize”]
    Hey Zane the Olympics are poltics and one prize is good as any
    [Hmm, and a picture, too! [cartoon of a guy carrying a door with a ribbon around it] [Nobel Prizes cover Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and Economics. List of Nobel Laureates: Nobel Board of Directors: Largest Middle-East Troop deployments at the close of the G.W. Bush and Obama Presidential administrations: 146,000 U.S. troops in Iraq in 12/2008; 5,000 12/2016. Afghanistan: 32,000 12/2008; 8,400 12/2016.]

    Trumpeter sounds like an old fart that stinks a cool instrument
    [Yours truly is of the same generation, but a rehabilitated libertarian now sharing some nostalgia in common with Trumpeter. ]

    [“Cinema Wizard”]
    thanks, Zane — you are my window to cool things and ideas…
    [Much appreciated, and I’ll try to keep the portal clear and rays shining through! Will respond to your production question by direct email.]

    [“Rocket Scientist”]
    Well, [Trumpeter’s] second and third paragraphs are about the Peace Prize, not the Economics Prize, so they are simply irrelevant.

    His idea of selecting Russia as our model for Syrian bombing tactics is also very foolish and misinformed, unless he thinks we ought to be bombing hospitals (which might be a war crime)
    Although we also bombed a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, at least it wasn’t intentional.

    The Russians are actually targeting civilians, apparently, as part of the process of bolstering the Assad regime.

    What a fine example!

    Donald Trump was an abused child who grew up to be an abusing boss. Don’t expect decency.
    [Time will tell and my expectations are low.]

    Don’t make America sick again. Improve Obamacare. Don’t repeal it.
    [Might Medicare for all actually be cheapest and health-promoting as in other Western countries? ]

    [“College Trustee”]
    This [Trumpeter] writer is a defender of Russian actions in the ME and, to me, that says it all. Not worthy of engaging this line except to show someone how Trumpism helps justify Russian aggression in the world today – a bad thing for the U.S. as well as for those in their orbit, like now the Syrians.

    [“Remember Reagan”]
    What would Ronald Reagan have thought of this lying pussy grabber? How we have fallen but maybe can come to more sanity and honor after 4 vulgar and bullying years.
    [Or less than 4? Among other impeachable policies is torturing prisoners in violation of the 8th Amendment, and 3 treaties ratified as part of the Constitution’s Article VI.]

    [“Woman’s Advocate”]
    Men are making endlessly violent and crude messes all over the world. It’s time for more civilized women to lead nations to better ways. The women’s marches are hopefully beginnings of more tolerance and progress.
    [Of 195 nations, 13 (or 6.7%) now have elected or appointed female heads of state, and none of those 13 nations are conducting wars.
    “If the world can be saved, it will be women that do that. And they do not do that with war. They do it with words.” — Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, teacher, cultural figure, and politician who served as president of Iceland from 1980 to 1996. She was the world’s first woman to be elected head of state in a national election. ]

    If our new President’s administration and conservative majorities in Congress and Supreme Court do well, Americans will on the whole be happier, smarter, healthier, more prosperous, safer, and more at peace. In international relations: some potentially positive Executive steps could include better US-Russian relations. After all, Russia’s GDP is only 7% of America’s, and Russia is hemmed by the 28-nation NATO alliance, so why shake fists? Under President Trump, the USA could also disentangle from Syria; be more congenial with Russian-backed Iran, with Israel and Palestinians; and fully withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. As regards China, healthy relations could intelligently balance political strengths with our greatest and peaceful trading partner. Might the USA be as peaceful? One Trump gambit could be to foil or shoot down eventual North Korean ICBMs, but coordinate with China first for America First? Or provoke major war and/or catastrophic terrorism?

    Yes, the United States is not always the good and law-abiding guy. Since 1945, the USA has attempted to overthrow the governments of 57 countries, 17 of them democracies.

    America continues to pursue military supremacy (more war power than that of other major nations combined), rather than just military superiority (more war power than any other nation). How less greedy and more economical it would be to maintain national security at a far lower price than supremacy. Other civilized nations operate that way, but should God’s USA tribe rule? What does President Trump’s raised fist at the end of his inaugural speech signify?

    Thanks, All, for joining in this free-speech dialogue that commendably reaffirms the Constitutional democracy of America.

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