Musings: Theme for the Year is BLOOM!

It’s almost the middle of January.  In fact, it is MLK Holiday Monday.  It’s actually a glorious day today.  The weather has leveled out.  The kids are not acting positive nuts, and I’ve taken the time to be leisurely today.  I am also struck by the historical significance of this day and how timely it is in our world and particularly America right now.

Usually by now in the year, I’ve come up with my theme for the year, but this year has been different.  I’ve had some niggling in the back of mind, and I’ve been feeling a bit of the hunger that comes with the thirst for a change and reassurance of value, focus and direction.

I survived the election cycle and still I feel like we as a nation are reeling a bit.  It’s not a good feeling.  It has an ickiness to it that makes me weary and melancholy.  I, myself, have a desire for comfort, peace, beauty, unity and calm.  I have a hankering for camaraderie and the pleasures of community.

So my theme for the year is “BLOOM.”

Bloom where you are planted and help others to do the same.  Encourage others to bloom and ensure that our communities do as well.  To recognize and evangelize that every woman’s bloom is unique, special, valuable and needed, though not necessarily how someone else might bloom.  Bloom and bring light to your space, your community and your world so that it echoes and ripples through time.

Bloom where you are planted and help others to do the same..png

What is your word of year?  What are you hungry for now?


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