Pleasures: A Good Cup of Tea

We know that I enjoy a fabulous warm beverage.  Lately, I’ve been mixing up my coffee routine with delicious teas and hot chocolates.

I have found that I prefer black to green and single herb teas like Peppermint, Rose Hip and Chamomile are absolutely delightful. Lavender Earl Grey is an afternoon favorite and I reach for the Irish Breakfast more often than not.

My favorite combination is the nightcap of STASH Christmas in Paris or Breakfast in Paris Teas, a lovely draught of the smooth and smoky sweet Balvenie and a nice dollop of clover honey.  It soothes the sore throat, warms the body and makes a delicious treat to serve to guests.

It's that time. #nightcap #tea #scotchwhisky #kaleoonpandora

A photo posted by Teia 👑 (@teiacollier) on Dec 15, 2016 at 7:33pm PST


Which are your favorites?  Share below…




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