Television: Falling for Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores



I am absolutely falling for Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark Channel.  It has all of my favorites in one hour long show.  Love, romance, family drama, gorgeous settings, well-developed characters with a bit of lore about them, and it is just plain fun… in that special way that Hallmark does and tugs on the heartstrings perfectly.


In the television series based on the books by Sherryl Woods, viewers become intimately acquainted with the O’Brien family.  They are a dynamic bunch that would fit right in as your neighbors down the street or friends from college.  In this series, expect stories of modern motherhood, the ties that bind, family secrets, tales of healing as well as loves lost and those found again.  Chesapeake Shores fits neatly into the Hallmark formula of winning story that gives you ‘all the feels’ while assuring you that the world is a little brighter than it was yesterday.


As far as characters go… the sisters, particularly Abby and Bree, are my favorites right now, but I’ve grown to adore their (and those of their brothers) stories and how they intertwine with all the others. There’s great, wearable fashion, gorgeous scenery and a smokin’ hot lead in the form of Jesse Metcalfe.  I almost wish I had read Woods’ series to meet them a little sooner.

It’s alot of fun.  After many years of television, it’s pretty amazing when I look forward to watching a show other than OUAT on Sunday nights.  I think that you’ll enjoy the series as much as I do.

Take a peek:


Watch Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark Channel on Sunday Nights.

Find more details, scoop, contests and video on the Show page here.






All images courtesy of Hallmark Channel — Thank you!


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