What Romance Writers Can Learn from Eloisa James and the Essex Sisters Series: The Significance of Friendships

Adored Eloisa James’ Essex sisters… but agree even more on the need for female friendships. Iron strengthens iron… even if it is lace covered iron.

Madame Hodge Podge

I should start by saying this: if you haven’t read a romance by Eloisa James, stop reading this blog right now and go pick up anything she’s written. Seriously. I can’t stress that enough. There are so many things I could praise about James’s romances—the endearing, very natural-feeling growth of both heroes and heroines, the compelling plots and EQUALLY compelling subplots, the scorching hot romance scenes, the really lovely allusions to the works of Shakespeare–seriously, I could talk about these books for days. As someone who writes romance, though, the most important thing I’ve learned from James’s romance novels is the significance of helping your characters retain and cultivate their friendships (in the case of this series, same-sex friendships).

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