READ: Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

Firebird by Susanna Kearsley
Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

Nicola Marter has been born with a gift.  She can touch an element and catch glimpses and visions of the lives that crossed it.  Slightly ashamed of her gift and craving a mundane life of normality, she works at an art gallery with the dynamic and a bit overbearing Sebastian.  Where she can use her gift in subtle ways and limit the risk of exposure.

One day, a sad woman in need comes into the gallery with a Firebird, Nicola is dismayed by the authenticity cannot be verified.  Running the risk of exposure, Nicola carefully touches the item and sees that the woman’s story is true.  But it’s nearly impossible to share the good news without exposing herself for what she is a psychic, possible of things beyond the realm of normalcy.  The quest to determine the Firebird’s value brings Nicola into a past that she ran from, into the arms of the gifted and unashamed Rob McMorran and in a race through Imperial Russia and the green valleys of the British Isles.

An auto-buy author of mine, Kearsley has a gift for crafting stories that sweep you across time, space and the constraints of common reality.  Lovely, enchanting and captivating, Susanna Kearsley has a gift for graceful time-travel and creates a world where the mystical elements seem fabulously fun and real where you root for Nicola and Rob as much as you long to see how the Firebird chase unfolds.

Want to catch a teaser and read the first chapter, click here.

To buy the book, click here

Published by Sourcebooks, coming out June 4, 2013.  Pre-order it now, trust me you’ll be up late into the night!

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