Hello March: Cheers to a New Season

Yesterday, was my kinda-birthday.  Since I’m a leap year baby, my special day comes around about once every four years, thus making me one of those extra special people who celebrates for an entire month…which I figure is absolutely fair. 

But this year, I’m doing something a little different, I’m extending the celebration to cover my entire year of 33.  33.  In 2013.  It has a sweet ring to it, doesn’t it? 

This year, there will be 33.  33 highlights on fabulous women doing great work.  33 fabulous trips.  33 hunger inducing recipes.  33 must attend events.  33 notes of wow – words of wisdom.  33 special collaborations to bring delight and light to our days.  33 chances to make today better than yesterday.  33 gifts of goodness for the fabulous crew that joins me on the journey.

Are you in? 

Credit: Style Seat
Credit: Style Seat

Want to be added to my personal list of rock stars on the PINK road? 

Drop me an email at TMBCollier@GMail.com with your contact information so that you can get the details right in your inbox.

Hello Spring!  Welcome to a very special year.


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