PLEASURES: ROYAL FOR A DAY: Embracing the art of the faux Holiday

Me and my Z at SWAG Northpark for the Virgins, Angels and Saints Launch Party (credit: Oh So Cynthia)
Me and my Z at SWAG Northpark for the Virgins, Angels and Saints Launch Party (credit: Oh So Cynthia)

 Starting about 9 years ago, I started making desire lists, instead of resolution lists.  I wanted to make the getting “there” more fun, more accessible, less daunting, quite simply…more.  So I started an active Desire List, inspired by my study with the fabulous, mojo-building, grab your sexy-back, encouraging Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts (remind me to share how we met later).

One of the details on my Desire List is Experience More Pleasure in The Everyday.  So I let those wheels in my head wander and wonder…

When am I the happiest? 

When do I have the best memories? 

Then the light bulb went off, those unplanned little moments like when the sun comes up or when my kids laugh at the same time rock, but as a general rule, holidays are favorite!  

I love the spirit, enthusiasm and energy of the holidays and quite frankly, I love the festivities, which is probably in the forefront since my birthday is in a week 🙂  But I have noticed that it even works for my children, “Family Movie Night”, “Service Saturday”, “Spectacular Sunday”, “Thankful Thursday”, “Because I am Awesome Monday”, have been hits, and mostly evolved from the desire to get something done and needing to kick up the energy behind them and rope my kids and anyone in grabbing distance into the mix.


Here are my tips to creating a faux holiday.

1) Choose a theme, get some input and hype it up. 

In the picture above, we (my Z, my S (who I couldn’t get into the picture) and I were going to check out the fabulous new Virgins, Angels and Saints jewelry line at SWAG Northpark.   So the theme was Royal for A Day!  I asked them what would make them feel like they were extra special princes and princesses.  My Z wanted to dress up.  S wanted a sword.  I wanted the luxury of a quiet afternoon tea with scones.  And as the queen and fairy godmother in the story, I could grant anything I desired.  So I said, so be it!  We are royal for the day.  I filled them in on the schedule, made a special breakfast of dressed up oatmeal and turkey bacon, and sent them off to school as Princess Z and Prince S.  When they got home, I let my Z dress up as glamourously and sparkly as she liked.  My son got to wear his light saber, until there was a fight in the car over it. (lol, normally living) And Mommy had afternoon tea with vanilla scones (thank you, Delia Smith).

Tea as only Lilly Pulitzer can do it.  (credit: LP Art Studio)
Tea as only Lilly Pulitzer can do it. (credit: LP Art Studio)

2)  Write it on the calendar.

I have a saying, “If it’s real, it’s on the calendar.”   Things that are in flux or really don’t require attention, don’t end up on the calendar.  I want my calendar filled with more than meetings and non-pleasure experiences.  Faux holidays count.  Also, when I look back over my month.  I have the best memories of impromptu parties and fun activities.

3) Take pictures!

With camera phones and portable technology there is no excuse for not capturing your moments…. now, just getting them out of the phone 🙂

4) Celebrate and create some memories.

It really boils down to how do you want to spend your day.  We’ve got meetings, conference calls, deadlines and planning sessions.  We’ve also got breakfast, parent duties, class and work all of which have things that probably need to be done and most likely will.  But when I am expecting the fabulous, my entire day shifts… for the better.  I see opportunities to celebrate.  I drop a little note in their bookbag.  I wear something that makes me feel fabulous, even if it is just a scarf.  I eat with care.  I drop some positive lines out on FB to fight the negativity that sometimes swirls. I whip out my special bath products and take a little extra care with my make up.   It’s not the day that shifts… it’s me. 

And for no other reason than that… faux holidays rock!




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