WATCH and READ: The Bachelor Sean Lowe meets Harlequin Romance

Dallas native Sean Lowe of The Bachelor and Hopeful Kristy
Dallas native Sean Lowe of The Bachelor and Hopeful Kristy

So for the record, I adore a good romance, along with the Bachelor-Bachelorette franchise.  Every Monday night, I tune in to the escapades, cat fights, lingering kisses and overly dramatic first dates.  I love seeing the progression of each couple’s story, though by the end, I’ve already decided which lady should win that hero’s heart.  It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that I am a devourer (not sure that’s a real word) of Romance novels, as evident by reviewing and public sharing of the good stuff. 

The genre has me enthralled, but I find my favorites are the historicals with their courting and rules of protocol, modern, steamy, feel-good contemporaries and those that travel between times with the ease of a silk scarf sliding through my fingers.  I cut my romance teeth on Jude Deveraux‘s Knight in Shining Armor and the Miranda Jarrett’s (nee. Susan Holloway Scott) Sparhawk classics of Harlequin Historicals.  I loved the novel adventure, strong heroines that felt real and relatable, but at the same time held a touch of it-factor that made them a bit otherworldly.

You can imagine my delight when cover-model gorgeous, Dallas native Sean Lowe, this season’s hero  Bachelor, and his lucky ladies got all trussed up as cover models for upcoming Harlequin titles (see Fresh Fiction’s article on Kirkus books for another take), but my first thought was how fabulous!  Not everybody agrees, but I totally say, “Rock on in the name of Absolute fun!”  Gotta add that to my bucket list of activities, getting trussed up like a Christmas turkey and photographed, not necessarily find my way on the Bachelor. 

So in proper Pink Book of Goodness style, I thought I would show my favorite of the covers (thanks, EW) with a great read from Harlequin of course and taste pairings to get in the mood to delve into a book.

Happy reading, and I’ll join you on Monday watching!

Forever A Lord by Deliliah Marvelle(credit:
Forever A Lord by Deliliah Marvelle

Read: Forever a Lord by Deliliah Marvelle


            Forever a Lord is a captivating story that feels fresh and modern though it’s set in the early 1800’s.  It’s the tale of Lady Imogene Norwood and Lord Nicholas James Atwood.  The last in the rumor series, but delicious, emotionally rich and sigh-inducing and worthy of reading, regardless of whether or not you’ve read the preceding titles.  You won’t want to miss the delicious video trailer.  Click here


In what?

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credit: Stash Earl Grey
credit: Stash Earl Grey

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