It’s a choice. Miserable or Happy.

I was watching tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time.  It’s one of my favorites.  I love seeing the ages old world of fairy tales come crashing into this brand-spanking new world of modern reality.   It played into the thoughts that were already swirling in my mind.

It was, is and will always be abundantly clear that there is an inherent danger in surrounding yourself with negative people, people that won’t try and have given up on the miracle that is this life.   The danger is that you, yourself can fall into that miserly path of miserable. 

(credit: ABC's Once Upon A Time)
(credit: ABC’s Once Upon A Time)

Miserable is a choice.  No doubt, crap is going to happen.  No doubt, the unforseen will cross your path, but here is the kicker.  You get to choose how it affects you. 


Don’t believe me?

Give it a try.  Your subconscious is and will not be fooled.  You have to do the hard work and reshape your thought process, because as that old saying goes… “You will get what you’ve always had, if you do what you’ve always done.”  What do you have to lose, when there is only peace to be gained.

You have to condition it.  It, that inner-mind, that soft voice that whispers to you in the quiet of your mind, to expect miracles… to expect the good and that the most wonderful circumstance is going to fall out of the deck that has been placed in your hand. 

Choose happy.

Choose light.

Choose good.

Revel in the beauty of possibility and go ahead make something good.  The world needs what you’ve got — what I’ve got — what we’ve got to give.

Pay It Forward.


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