Life is made for living well, making memories and enjoying the time that we have been given with the people that we love most — regardless of the experience or circumstance.  Parents are notorious for putting themselves last and letting some of the pieces fall by the wayside, especially at the break-neck pace of modern life.   Between balancing work, family, social, caretaking and community responsibilities, we all need help, a support structure and team {otherwise known as a village} to make it work, with an element of ease, in a way that is sustainable and happily memorable.

Enter Pink Book by Teia Collier Brands.

Created by the founder of DC-based Capitol Moms and publisher of Teia Collier to meet the needs of busy parents trying to meet the demands of modern life and still see the children that they love and care for.

Over the last fifteen years, we collected and curated world class resources to help you make your life and that of your children more pleasurable, more manageable and simply a life lived well.

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